We are a non-commercial group that engages in all forms of LEGAL music trading.  We trade in live music from bands that allow taping of their shows.  We oppose the trading of commercial releases and work to honour and preserve the unique arrangement we have with the Bands That Allow Taping (BTAT).

SugarMegs was one of the earliest trading communities to form on the Internet.  It's roots trace back to 1996, and though it has gone through several incarnations, has continued to be a friendly place for anyone, especially "newbies" interested in learning about downloading and enjoying internet audio.

All aspects of digital audio are discussed, including software, downloading, file formats and their conversion to CD Audio.  Strengths and weaknesses of various encoding tools are another frequent topic.

Some of our members record live concerts themselves.  As a result, we sometimes discuss the tools and techniques associated with recording and encoding live music for archiving or trading purposes.

Above all, SugarMegs strives to be a community in the true sense of the word.  While we have a large number of North American members, SugarMegs boasts members from four continents and at least a dozen countries.  We share a common love of music, but do not restrict ourselves unnecessarily to a narrow list of genres or discussion topics.  Instead, we prefer to think of ourselves as a self-selected tribe, accompanying each other on this journey we call life.  The music we trade serves as soundtrack on that journey.
The bus came by and I got on. That's where it all began.
-Barlow and Weir

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